Final Episode Kitab Cinta

While waiting the final I would like to share the Synopsis.....
A drama adapted from the novel Book of Love Nurkilan Taufiqurrahman. Where the location will be in Malaysia and Aceh, Indonesia. A girl named Mustika a student at the Islamic University Malaysia is beautiful and socially. He is not interested in studying there, let alone forced to wear headscarves. He often chided for its application, in violation of the University.

One day Mustika was chosen by the University for a thesis submitted to the final universe of human development in Acheh and settled in the village of Cot, Meulaboh, Aceh for three months. In the village resides a handsome youth named Wali Hanafi with his father, who works as a pesantrean Ustaz. A variety of exciting events happening during their stay there that makes indirect Mustika started to change without realizing that he too began to love the Wali.

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Ms Masa said...

Cinta itu sememangnya indah
P/s : kedai cenderahati

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